The series of Metaphysics pages on this site are the conclusions born of my personal experience, observation and contemplation.  I am writing these as a means of clarification for myself and uploading them on the chance they may be of value to someone else.  As always, everything I write is based heavily upon, or directly taken from, the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.




The concept of Free Will is one of those quagmires one can become immersed in when trying to figure out just how the hell life works.  On one hand, Free Will seems undeniable.  I can, after all, choose which socks to wear today.  On the other hand, Free Will seems limited to the point of being moot.  I can not do everything I desire and often I have no control over the conditions of my life or my reactions to those conditions.  At some point, I begin to wonder if this whole concept is just another stupid diversion that is useful only for generating angst toward someone who disagrees with whatever side I happen to take.  Is the existence of Free Will, or lack thereof, somewhat like arguing whether blue is better than yellow?


Actually Free Will does exist but, as I am finding with most things, it is not what I thought it to be.  The Free Will that is significant does not have anything to do with my choice of socks.  It does not even have much of anything to do with my choice of cars, houses or anything else tangible.  The Free Will that is significant is the choice we have every instant of every day.  It is: "Am I going to choose the next thought I think, or am I going to think whatever thought happens to show up?"  Am I going to exercise Free Will and actively choose the thoughts that pass through my consciousness, or am I going to be a passive reactor to the thoughts that just naturally make their way into my consciousness?  Fantasizing is an example of the former.  Television, radio and newsprint are examples of the latter.  In every instant of every day, we have the choice of choosing our next thought.  Most of us have no awareness of this option.  Often those who are aware of this option remark: "So what?  What difference does that make?"  As it turns out, it makes all the difference in the world.


Thought becomes Thought Form becomes Form is process by which contrast becomes creation becomes manifestation.  All manifestation is preceded by thought.  If one can learn to choose one's thoughts, one can learn to choose one's manifestation.  So, if you want deliberate control of your life, just ask yourself: "Am I going to become a deliberate creator and choose the next thought I think, or am I going to remain a passive reactor and just think whatever thoughts happen to show up?"