The series of Metaphysics pages on this site are the conclusions born of my personal experience, observation and contemplation.  I am writing these as a means of clarification for myself and uploading them on the chance they may be of value to someone else.  As always, everything I write is based heavily upon, or directly taken from, the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.



Abraham refers to an emotional scale almost constantly.  This scale is the roadmap that one can employ to improve the way they feel on just about any subject.  Sometimes they are a bit vague on the subject such as when they say there are really just two emotions - one that feels better and one that feels worse.  That may be true but part of the conditioning/effect of being in space-time is the loss of understanding of what feels better and what feels worse.  So, a clear mapping of the scale has become necessary to help those of us who are not just lost in the woods, but are injured, starving and hallucinating while being lost in the woods.


The work of David R. Hawkins concerning mapping and fleshing out of the emotional scale is brilliant.  In his work Power vs. Force, he calls the emotional scale the "Map of Consciousness" or, sometimes, the Enlightenment Scale.  If you are as lost as I have been at times, his descriptions of the nature of the various positions on the scale will help you to identify where you are.  This may seem trivial but it is not.  Life in space-time has become so confusing that most of us simply don't have any idea where we are or what to do next.  The most fantastic map in the world is absolutely useless if you do not know where you are on it.  Even if you know exactly where you want to go and you can clearly identify where you want to go on that map, the map is junk if you do not know where you are starting from.


After reading the descriptions of the various emotional states it became absolutely clear that I have spent most of my life in a state of chronic Fear.  That was a hard thing to accept being male and all but eventually it sunk in.  It explained why I had sought out the persona of intimidation to get people to leave me alone.  It explained why I had chosen to involve myself in things like painting watertowers to show myself that I was not afraid.  I was basing my actions on the chronic state of fear I was in.  Fear was the pushing-off point for most of what I did.  (I actually do like heights so it wasn't all fear based.)


NOTE: Hawkins' work on the scale is brilliant.  His work on kinesiology as a means of truth testing is also brilliant.  There are other parts of his work that are really missing the point.  Much of his writing concerns what he sees as wrong with the world and how we all need to join together to right it.  He rails against the ego in the same way the A Course In Miracles does.  This fight with your ego leads nowhere - it denies your reason for being here in the first place.  Save yourself a lot of bs and don't get in a pissing match with yourself.  Hawkins also starts from the premise that we all need to work to get to enlightenment while in space-time so we can solve all the world's problems and relieve all the suffering in the world.  Well, here's the deal - if you did not want to experience a lack of enlightenment, you would not have come here in the first place.  This is where you come to dawn a perspective different from the one you hold as a single enlightened Source.  The world doesn't need to change in to the perfection of the Source environment.  If it did, expansion would be slowed or stopped.  The answer is not to change the amusement park so that it only has rides you like.  The answer is to just ride the rides you like.  And, if you don't like any of the rides, don't come here in the first place.  There is no need to strive for enlightenment.  The larger part of you is enlightened and you will return to that state of enlightenment automatically when you choose to cease your dual perspective trip through space-time.