The series of Metaphysics pages on this site are the conclusions born of my personal experience, observation and contemplation.  I am writing these as a means of clarification for myself and uploading them on the chance they may be of value to someone else.  As always, everything I write is based heavily upon, or directly taken from, the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.


The Benefits of Pain 

The following exchange of ideas took place on a Facebook page of which I am a member.  The question was posed by Janice E.

Janice E.

When pain is a constant or even wavering element of your life, what are YOUR favorite methods of containment?? You have to admit, it's a hard issue to overcome...  
Sharon W.
What I am discovering is that the body is also evidence of what your vibrational setpoint is. It's another great indicator.

What traditonal Chinese medecine has been saying for thousands of years. That all disease and discomfort in the body have an emotional cause. Where your pain is, is the best indication of the negative thought patterns you often use.

I know, pain can take the joy out of life very quickly.

Louise Hay offers a great affirmation for any health condition. To say it every time you think of your condition.

"I willingly release the thought patterns in me that have created this condition"
Janice E.
But does that not draw attention ( attraction ) to the condition itself and keep the universe sending MORE ...?
maybe just the affirmation and then a shift is what is called for ...thinking of healthier times or other happy's the combination, isn't it?
Sharon W.
Perhaps it does draw your attention to the condition--but in a more positive way...yes?

I have found that merely by stating this declaration for several days my thought patterns began to change. You see, I hadn't noticed before how many times a day I was offering negative worried thoughts because they were just so common they felt normal. Before that I had thought I was pretty Vortexy throughout the day.

My pain was headache pain and I discovered that pain there(on the sides of the head) is related to a lack of courage to face the future. One of the big things on my "Create" list was to win the lottery just so that I could feel secure about the future :-)

I still want to win but it's not about a feeling of security any more. I have chosen to trust life.
Brennan R. Cook
Pain is evidence of a chronic set of thoughts that is in contradiction to who you really are.

This is a true statement but surprisingly useless, maybe even aggravating, if you do not know what to do about the situation. Many of the chronic thoughts we think have been thought so many times that they become what appears to be an "emotional reaction". We have thought them so many times in response to some trigger that we skip right over the conscious "thinking" of the thought and go right to the negative emotional response. This is why we sometimes exhibit wild mood swings for no apparent reason. We have become so good at thinking a thought that we do not even need to consciously recognize the thought to get to the emotional reaction. Some people call this the Sub-Conscious. It usually goes: trigger, contemplation/thought about trigger, emotional response to thought. With practice, we get good at: trigger, emotional response. You can see this in very young children. When they fall down or are criticized, it often takes a moment before they sort out how to react to the input.

Pain is often the result of Fear. It is a contracting in, in anticipation of something unwanted. It is a clenching of the muscles in anticipation of an impact, etc.

So what do I do?
1) Acknowledge to yourself that the pain can be diminished. The indicator can change to one more desirable. How? Do painkillers work at all? Is it reduced during meditation? Is it gone for a few seconds or minutes after you awaken? Does it vanish after 20 minutes of walking in the sun? Are there any conditions that you can change that cause the pain to lessen? Are there any thoughts that you can choose that lessen the pain?

Once you have found ways of changing the pain, you have the reassurance that it is variable - it is not permanent and impossible to deal with.

2) If necessary, begin looking for the chronic thought you are thinking that is the source of the pain. For some, this is not necessary. They can focus on thoughts that give themselves a positive reaction. They can ignore the thought away by being busy focusing on things they do enjoy. I have never had this luxury. So, I must figure out what chronic, pain causing thoughts I am thinking so that I can try to focus on the opposite of them.

If you can not find the pain causing thought, it may prove useful (although unpleasant) to purposely think negative thoughts and see if they generate or increase the familiar pain. This is like tensing your muscles so that you can then relax them completely. I don't like doing this but it can clarify things.

3) If you do know what you keep thinking that is the source of the pain, you can break from its grasp by looking right at the thought and declaring it to be absolute bullshit. This is best done by working yourself into a state of extreme anger, rage or revenge. As Abraham has said many times, Anger is a definite improvement over powerlessness, guilt, despair, unworthiness and shame. If anyone nearby does not like to see you in that state, THEY have a problem, not you. If people tell you not to get angry, they are doing so for their own benefit, not yours.

Hope that is of use.
Janice E.
Thanks for all your input, Brennan. Very helpful, indeed.
Love the bunny ears, by the way....

Brennan R. Cook

The benefits of pain

This is challenging to write as I have dealt with chronic debilitating abdominal pain for years. But I have finally come to understand its usefulness.

Pain indicates several things.
1) It indicates that you are holding onto resistance. You are not letting yourself become what the greater part of you has become.
2) If the pain is very significant, it also indicates that you have created something incredible that you are holding yourself from.
3) Significant pain is not subtle. You don't have to guess whether the thoughts you choose make the situation better or worse. You don't have to be very good at discerning your feelings. They are really in your face and you can really tell when you feel better. If you were indoctrinated in the male belief system that emotions are something to be ignored you eventually attain a Spock like mindset and you lose the ability to perceive your quieter emotions. If you were indoctrinated in the even stupider male belief system that it is "cool" to endure pain, you can get stuck in an extremely uncomfortable situation for years.
4) The pain will clarify your desire. Abraham has clearly stated that despite all they have said, most people are still looking to control conditions rather than just allow themselves to feel good. If the pain gets bad/good enough, you will, as I have, have to give up the desire to change manifested conditions. The desire to feel better will eventually trump all other concerns because the pain is all-consuming and even if the manifested conditions change, you will not be able to enjoy them.